The CV

Many people wonder what format to use for their curriculum vita (CV), and what to include. Rather than get into details and telling you what to write about, I am going to give you a template of a resume / CV that you can just use as an example, and modify for your own experiences.


Some additional points:

  • Although you might have heard from friends applying to jobs that a resume cannot be over a page, this is not the case with CVs. The longer a CV, the better – especially if the length is coming from additional publications (3-4 pages is common for graduate school applicants)
  • It is okay to include publications and posters in preparation / under revision / submitted /  etc.
  • Include a section on teaching experience if you have Teaching Assistant experience
  • Include a grants awarded section if you received any grants
  • A good way to make your CV a bit better is to join professional organizations (such as the American Psychological Association). I would suggest joining a niche organization for your particular research area (ex – The Obesity Society)
  • To make your CV even better, browse around lab pages and look for sample CVs from graduate students. Look at what they are including, what format they are using, how they are talking about their experiences, and learn from them



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