One of the best things you can do for your graduate school application is to get a good score on the GRE. From what I heard, it is very important to meet a certain GRE score cutoff. Once you meet the cutoff, your GRE score becomes almost irrelevant. I have heard different numbers for this cutoff, but it is usually around 160 on Math & Verbal, and a 700 on the Psychology Subject Test.

I found it helpful to study intensely for a couple of months on my own before taking each GRE test. I found that studying more than 2-3 months before the test can actually lead to burn out and hurt your score. If you spend ~3 hours a day studying, 2-3 months prep time for each test should be more than enough.

Prepping for the GRE (Math, Verbal, Writing)

I found the following resources very helpful – I ended up using all of them, and thought they were a very good investment in terms of time and money. I am listing them in order of how helpful they were. You may be able to check out some of these books at the library.

Psychology Subject Test
I found that the best way to prepare for the Psychology Subject Test is to read a Psychology Text Book, and follow up by reviewing one or more of the Study Guides Below

Text Books

Review Study Guides

Other Resources


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