Career Change into Clinical Psychology – Part 2

In Career Change into Clinical Psychology – Part 1 I discussed about what you should consider when deciding whether to change careers and pursue Clinical Psychology. If you have decided that you do want to change careers and pursue Clinical Psychology, you must know what you need to accomplish to be a competitive candidate for graduate school

Psychology Prerequisites

Although you will not need a second major  (although you may want to consider a second undergraduate degree in Psychology if your undergraduate GPA was low), you will need some minimal coursework in psychology to be able to apply to graduate programs. You should look at the programs you are interested in and see what their prerequisites are. Some common prerequisites include experimental psychology, abnormal psychology, statistics, and research methods. 


Not only will you need to take the regular GRE test, but you should also take the Psychology Subject Test (yes, even if your school does not require it – you need to show that you have the minimal Psychology knowledge necessary for graduate school). Thankfully, there are many great resources to help you prep for these exams.

Research Experience

You will need research experience, preferably in the field you are interested. Plan on having at least two years of experience (a portion of it may be part-time). It would be very beneficial to you if you could get posters and/or publications and experience in all aspects of the research process.


A Story

You will need to be able to explain your career change well in your statement of purpose (but not dedicate more than one paragraph to your old career in it) to convince admissions committees that you have thought this decision through. 


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